Message from Head Coach

It is not about the coach but the swimmer. It is up to the coach to provide a swimmer with the best opportunity to fulfil their potential. The swimmer is given the opportunity to develop their skill level, in a structured learning environment that constantly challenges them, whilst providing both encouragement, support and fun.

To get this knowledge I have, and will continue to beg, borrow, or steal any information from coaches or other sources. I believe – if you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

Each swimmer needs to develop their core skills constantly to provide them with a solid base as they progress within swimming. I believe in teaching technique at the early stages and continually refining the stroke through the years.    

It is critical to make sure kids have the fundamentals of basic body position and core body movement in all four competitive strokes. Taking time with drills and skills can be far more effective than training with poor technique for hours.

The coaching model is implemented through a strategy based upon the principles of Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD)


Winning involves more than the achievement of first place but rather the fulfilment of an enduring personal objective. All athletes have different abilities and will perform at their best at different periods. It is a well-known fact within swimming that the swimmer winning races at 12 is not always still winning at 16-18

As a group of coaches, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Do not rush young swimmers – Take extra time to develop good foundations both in stroke development and aerobic capacity.
  • The application of sound sports science principles to the coaching of technique and physical conditioning.
  • Educating swimmers in technical requirements: These include nutrition and psychology as appropriate.
  • Talent alone is not enough – We recognise this and understand that hard work and commitment from swimmers are an essential requirement to reach their individual maximum potential.

I would like to mention Geraldine Hill who founded Banbridge swimming club. Without her drive there would be many children who would not have had the experience of being part of Banbridge Amateur Swimming Club or perform to the levels of Ulster, Ireland and European.  

Davy Wilson – Head Coach