BASC Safeguarding Policies

Policies, documents & key links for safeguarding at Banbridge ASC

Banbridge Amateur Swimming Club is committed to creating and promoting a safe environment for all our swimmers in all club activities, including training sessions and competition galas, so that they enjoy their sport.  Everyone involved including; members, coaches, committee members and parents, has a key role to play in ensuring this.  Below we aim to outline the steps we take, as a club, to ensure a safe environment for all our swimmers.

Swim Ireland Safeguarding Policies

BASC adheres to Swim Ireland Safeguarding Policies 2019 (Me and the Water) to ensure all our members are well cared for and protected from harm during all club activities.

To view Swim Ireland Safeguarding Policies click the link below:

Vetting & Safeguarding Training

A dedicated team of volunteers runs BASC.  All coaches and committee members who have direct access to children have been vetted by Access NI and have completed Safeguarding Level One Training, provided by Swim Ireland.  Coaches have also achieved teaching qualifications approved by Swim Ireland. The Club Children’s Officers (CCO) will have received Level 1 + 2 Safeguarding Training and the Designated Liaison person (DLP) will also have completed Safeguarding training Levels 1-3.

Club Children’s Officers (CCO)

Swim Ireland requires all clubs to have at least one/two Club Children’s officers (CCO).  As noted above, both CCOs have attended advanced Safeguarding training, provided by Swim Ireland.

BASC has two CCOs, Audrey Turley and John McKernon.

Audrey Turley is the current Lead CCO and Designated Liaison person (DLP)

             Audrey Turley                          John McKernon     

The CCOs can be contacted directly here:

Or simply ask a coach and they can get in touch with one of them directly.

Our CCO’s primary aim is to ensure that our club activities are safe and child-centred.  Their role is to be the voice of all the young people in our club.  See summary below taken from Swim Ireland Safeguarding document.

Role of the Club Children’s Officer – CCOs

  • The CCO will be child centred in focus and will ensure coaching staff & committee considers a safe, child centred environment in activities and undertakings in BASC.
  • The CCO shall be the voice and link between the children/young people and the adults within the club.
  • Be available and ensure children/young people are treated fairly and know how to contact a CCO.
  • Ensure safeguarding policies are adhered to within the club and are communicated and available to members.
  • Assist the committee with how club policy impacts young people and lead responsibility for the Child Safeguarding Statement and Safeguarding Risk Assessment.
  • Respond to matters of concern for the safety and well-being of young people.
  • Be an advisor to a complaint or disciplinary hearing at club level where a young person is involved.

Designated Liaison Person (DLP)

The Designated Liaison person (Lead CCO) for BASC is responsible for reporting concerns, disclosures or allegations of abuse to statutory authorities. It is not the remit of the CCO role to investigate or validate child abuse concerns originating from within or outside the Club.

Please note that should the need arise, the CCO/DLP can seek advice from Swim Ireland’s Mandated Person – National Children’s Officer, Kate Hills. 

Contact details:

Recognising and Reporting Child Abuse Policy:

BASC Risk Assessment for 2021 – pdf document

This risk assessment is a written record of the risk of harm in our club, as required by Swim Ireland.  This document identifies specific risks and how our adherence to and implementation of Swim Ireland Safeguarding policies help to alleviate these risks.

Child Safeguarding Statement (CSS)

Every two years, as required by Swim Ireland, BASC completes a Club Child Safeguarding Statement to show our commitment to safeguarding children.  We operate under the guidance of Swim Ireland Safeguarding Policy 2019.

BASC Child Safeguarding Statement – pdf document

Anti Bullying Policy

We recognise that bullying behaviour is the repeated and intentional use of power or aggression by one or more persons to harm, hurt or adversely affect the rights and needs of another individual or group. (SI definition)  This bullying behaviour can take many forms.

BASC applies Swim Ireland’s Anti-Bullying Promise and Policy (2019) to all members – young people, coaches, parents and others who assist in club activities.  At the heart of this:

  • Club members are encouraged to talk to a trusted adult if they are worried about bullying behaviour.
  • We believe when issues arise the person in charge should deal with it without delay.
  • A No Blame approach, as recommended by Swim Ireland, will be used to resolve the behaviour and hopefully help repair relationships
  • If an issue is not resolved or continues the CCO should be informed and he/she should support the young person to ensure the matter was dealt with appropriately, involving a coach/person in charge when needed.

See Swim Ireland Anti-bullying Promise and Policy link