Swim Kit

Swim Equipment for training There are a few essentials which every swimmer will require to assist with training…apart from having keen listening skills and great work ethic!

Where to buy?    Shop around either in good sports shops eg Decathlon or on-line (simply swim, swim shop, proswimwear, wiggle, amazon).

KIT BAG Depending on your squad you’ll need different kit, probably best to carryall in a net bag (which lets water drain off and is airy to avoid any damp smells!)

WATER is a MUST for every swimmer, please bring at least 750ml bottle, preferably with sports top lid for sipping ease.  Performance squads will require greater volume of fluids to keep hydrated: two 1 L bottles

CAP for hair which is long enough to get into your eyes. Silicon or lycra caps can be easier to put on than material nylon caps (these cause additional drag in the water).

BASC club caps may be purchased from coaches and are necessary for competitions; we recommended keeping club caps solely for galas!

Swimmers will often wear a second cap under club cap in competition (to prevent getting hair in eyes / mouth in the event of the outer cap coming off!).

GOGGLES good fitting goggles are important! Depending on the shape of face, eye sockets different goggles fit better – try a friend’s or in the shop before you buy! Please bring a spare pair in your kit bag in the event of mishaps. Some swimmers keep a ‘special’ set of goggles for competition.

FINS  Short length training flippers really help to improve kicking. Small sized feet may be difficult to fit. If you out-grow fins try swapping with other swimmers in club. BASC have a container with some sizes, you are welcome to borrow!

BASC  Squad Kit:

Bronze, Silver 1 & 2: All of the above equipment

Gold: All of the above kit plus snorkel, kick board and pull buoy

Platinum Training Lane:  All of the above kit plus snorkel, kick board and pull buoy

Development: All of the above kit plus snorkel, kick board, pull buoy, hand paddles, finger paddles

Junior & Senior Performance: All of the above plus snorkel, kick board, pull buoy, hand paddles, finger paddles, yellow band, temp trainer in water-proof container


Used for kick sets to improve leg strength and balance




Legs are able to float with this aim so swimmer can focus on arm technique.


Pull Buoy

SNORKLE: front facing. Check mouth piece size for correct fit!  Some snorkels can rotate at the head band location which is useful to avoid removing entire snorkel when speaking with coach or drinking water.


HAND  PADDLES: check hand size! Ideally Finis yellow easy slip-on hand Paddles. If paddles are over-sized, they are useless to train with!




Used to restrict width of leg kick YellowBand




Essential piece of equipment, used to set various paces over various distances.             An expensive item so be sure to keep in a small water proof


Please Note: 

We are not affiliated to any websites that sell swimming equipment but just to say there are many sites and shops that you can buy equipment from. If you are still unsure what you should be getting for your child, please ask your child’s squad coach and they will be happy to guide you.